August 23rd, 2008 | Alexandra Gambelic

Trend Watch: The Fringe Comeback

At the start of 2007 it was ‘all the rage’ then as quickly as it came, it buzzed out. And now…it’s back, with a vengeance in fact. From The blunt to The pixie, and in courtesy of the diva who brought it all back, the Kate (Kate Moss, that is), we are seeing it everywhere; runway, streets, TV shows, random commercials, etc, etc. 

In fact, next to Kate Moss we see Keira Knightley, Heidi Klum and Camilla Belle, among others, getting in to the trend.                           

                                                      Kate Moss

Keira Knightley                Heidi Klum        Camilla Belle

Despite its raising popularity that seems to be escalating the style in to a permanent trend (you’d think that if it was short lived in 2007, it would be the same in 2008. It seems that’s not teh case, especially with Kate Moss promoting this look.), one must always keep in mind that the cut comes in several mini-styles that can either give you personality and flatter you, or it can bring you great fashionable misfortune and make you want to crawl underneath a rock in eternal isolation away from humanity (or until your hair outgrows the style) while muttering: “What in the hell was I thinking?” (unless you are one of those people who gets a bad hair style and is actually proud of it…then you’ll have someone else telling you that).

So here are a few tips to get the perfect fringe hair style that suits you and avoid the selection of one that doesn’t.

Shape of face: This is tricky. It is important to understand what works the best for your shape of face. You might be obsessed with the fringe and want to try it, but if your face shape is not compatable with eth style, it’s best to move on and pick something that suits you better. Do not fall in to the temptation! For example: An oval shape and square shape usually pull off a fringe wonderfully with many option to the type of fringe you want. If your face is long, it is best to follow the voice of your forehead. Confused? This means that if you have a long forehead, a fringe would work to balance out your face and will look quite flattering! If you have a short forehead, avoid getting a fringe because it will add to the length of the rest of your face. If you have a round face, avoid a blunt fringe at all costs, because it will only accent the roundness of your face. However, a wispy fringe or a fringe styles to the side can help lengthen your face!


Short fringe      Fringe 2

Type of hair and color of hair: This is where the concept of mix-and-match begins to take place. The fringe is spectacular with any type of hair length, but risking a fringe with a boyish haircut would work brilliantly if your hair is light of color like dirty blond to platinum blond, like Anja Rubik’s short cut. A fringe, when hair is full, thick, and curly, should be modified and styled in to the to-the-side look to avoid ’puffy and messy’ with wax or gels. Wavy hair and straight hair look best with wispy and blunt fringes.

Anja Rubik's short boyish fringe.

Basically, when done right, the fringe can give you a totally new and fresh look that can be chic, funky and cute blended with an elegant sophistication of a classic or modern fashion . All you have to do is know your personal style.

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