July 29th, 2008 | Lindsay

Trend Watch: Men in Skirts?

The idea of having supposed masculinity or femininity is all relative, however, it is entirely subjective as well. Constructs of society have instilled ‘guidelines’ that define someone as possessing such traits to be grouped in the masculine or feminine category. Whether it be through different mediums, (television, cinema and music) or through different social constructs within small societies (school and work environments) an understanding of ‘typical’ traits have been devised. So, when we hear MEN IN SKIRTS, we automatically think, CROSS DRESSER.

It wasn’t uncommon for men to wear skirts in ancient civilization times, nor is it uncommon for a Scottish man to parade around in a kilt. Why are we so shocked that men would consider reverting back to an old world trend?
When you consider the dichotomy of gender from society to society then the issue becomes subjective as the roles of genders change, the perception of their supposed masculine or feminine behavior also change. So, what may be considered in some Western societies as an oddity to see men draping a skirt like garment around their waists, may not be so strange in more accepting fashion epicenters, like Europe.

Women found the practicality and comfort in pants and were originally shunned for doing so, now men are discovering the comfort and freedom that a ‘skirt’ can provide. Although, we are to avoid the labeling these ‘garments’ as skirts, but rather kilts or sarongs. I say, and apple is an apple is an apple. Call it what you want, you are still wearing a skirt.

I’m not sure how well received this will be, but there are many support groups and websites dedicated to Men In Skirts

. I just don’t know if I want to be fighting with my boyfriend in addition to my sisters about borrowing and not returning my clothes. It’s just not a step I’m personally ready to take.

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