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Reese Witherspoon does Vogue (November 2008)




Academy award winning actress, Reese Witherspoon, graces the cover of Vogue for their November issue. In the feature article, she talks about many things including her recent divorce, her roles and her charity work.

The photo shoot and interview took place in Paris. Witherspoon is enchanted with the city, people and the views. In the article she says “You know, the older I get—and I can only count on one hand the times I’ve been to Paris—I’m starting to feel like I understand the place a little better,” she says. “The people just love the city, and I can really see what they love about it.”

She also talks about her new movie, ‘Four Christmases’, in which she co-stars along Vince Vaughn. In this excerpt she talks about the plot:It’s a comedy about a young San Francisco couple who think of themselves as together, modern, and protected from the baggage of family traditions. “They have their own theology in life,” says Reese. “They work very hard. They live well. They eat at nice restaurants. They have all the modern amenities. They have every new technology you could have.” And they swear by one rule: Never go back home.”

She recalls another trip that brought her to Paris in 2005 to find an Oscar dress. She was looking for a vintage piece.  She ended up leaving with a vintage Christian Dior dress made in 1957 for a princess.  It wasn’t for sale, but eventually the dressmaker let her have it. To this day, Witherspoon cherishes the dress and will never sell or auction it off. In an excerpt she says: “It fit perfectly. I mean, like, it couldn’t have been more amazing,” she remembers, “and Nunzio is there and he’s talking in French and finally the man said, ‘You can have it.’ She wore it to the Oscars. She won an Oscar. “I don’t mean to sound hokey pokey, but the dress has energy in it,” she says. She will keep it forever. “My accountant got wind of the bill, and he called me and said, ‘Um, don’t you think you should auction this off?’ And I’m like, ‘Are you kidding me?’ I will never ever ever ever ever sell it. I never thought I’d have a dress like that.”

That was the year she won for her portrayal of June Carter in ‘Walk the Line’. She goes on and raves more about the dress (pictured below) in this excerpt: “And then the dress,” Reese says. “I mean, let’s talk about this dress again—it was made in 1957, which was the year the single ‘I Walk the Line’ came out. I’m pretty sure it’s the year the single came out, or maybe it was after ‘I Walk the Line.’ How does it go?”

Witherspoon talks about her ex-husband Ryan Phillippe in this excerpt and her interest in taking the role in ‘Four Christmases’: She recently finalized her divorce from Ryan Phillippe, whom she met during the filming of Cruel Intentions in 1999. “There are so many dynamics that people deal with all the time, and you don’t really see it in movies very much,” Reese says. “You don’t see the blended-family Christmas very much. And it really is a complication in a lot of people’s lives now. How do you see your mother and your father and not hurt anyone’s feelings? You know, I didn’t grow up like that. I mean, my parents are still married, and my grandparents stayed married, but it’s a situation my own children will have to deal with, so it was of interest to me.”

Along with her work for the Children’s Defense Fund, she is also the first-ever Avon Global Ambassador. Both, she says addresses women’s right. An excerpt from the article explains her charity roles: In the case of Avon, she’s supporting an entrepreneurial version of micro-loans for women building financial networks around the globe—”whether it’s a woman in Texas getting a college education because she got the money to cover a baby-sitter while she goes to school,” she says, “or a woman in a village in Africa who has surpassed all expectations by creating a little network of salespeople within her community. The more work I’ve done with children around the world, the more I realize the way to help them is by empowering women, creating financial opportunities, and that’s something Avon is very dedicated to.”

Unfortunately, she talks very little about her current boyfriend, Jake Gyllenhaal, keeping some things in her life private. Kudos to that!




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