May 29th, 2008 | Gemma Woodbridge

Trend watch: Polygamist Clothing

Yes fashion tends to come back around again, (we’re currently experiencing the 80s for a second time around) but sometimes, some fads are just better left in the past. For example, sausage-roll hairdo’s, and pastel-coloured floor-length dresses that resemble 19th century and early 1950s fashion.
Nobody can possibly be wearing this stuff you might find yourself saying, but there are, and quite a few to as a matter of fact. Women in Polygamist sects dress as modestly possible in an effort in an effort to express conformity. Sometimes the dresses are worn over other garments to make sure all skin is covered as to know show ones self off in a provocative manner.

The ironic part is within the Polygamist community there are many women competing for the attention of one man. Outside of the sect most women go through great lengths to compete for a man’s attention. As if we were all peacocks, it becomes a test to see who can be the brightest, boldest lady out of the rest. However, not all this is normal to us is remotely close to that of a woman leading a Polygamist lifestyle.

Plains-vile all around, and a man can have a whole harem unto himself of Plain Janes. But, on the other hand, maybe it’s what we’re surrounded by. Leading such a reclusive lifestyle would infringe upon any worriment of becoming involved with current affairs and pop-culture.
So maybe if we weren’t inundated with Paris Hilton, glamour shots and anything else that screams, “You’ll never look as good as me,” we wouldn’t care if we romped around in some floor-grazing dresses that looked as plain as your Grandmother’s wall paper.

But, gosh-darn it we don’t live in a perfect world, and now we return to the discussion or scrutinizing (whatever you would like to call it), about the ladies of Polygamy and their choice in attire.
Because hair is considered sacred in the Polygamist religion, the women wear long braids, don’t often cut their hair. They believe when Christ returns they will use their hair to wash his feet.
Chloe Sevigny’s character in the HBO show Big Love plays a Polygamist’s wife accurately, and Sevigny being the trend-setter she is, her clothing details are starting to appear in modern-day society. Pastels and puffy sleeves are an example

Not the mention, the long hair. Celebrity Stylist Ted Gibson believes long hair has never gone out of style, but is a common trait among Polygamist women that is coming back in again.

“Long hair is also on its way back in, preparing to replace the currently fashionable bobs, Gibson says. Buns never go completely out of style, according to Gibson — he often gives celebrities a half-up-half-down ‘do, essentially what we’re seeing in the photographs coming out of Texas. ‘

Inspiration comes from somewhere right?

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