July 30th, 2008 | Lindsay

Is the JOKER a trendsetter?

Who knew villains could look so good? We have to give unending credit to the costume designer, Linda Hemming for her masterful costume creation of the Joker in Dark Knight. Staying true to the comic and past Joker representation in the ’80 original motion picture Batman, Linda’s rendition does not fall short of success.

Linda has been quoted mentioning her influences for the costume starting of course from the comics, to the original Joker and strangely, but fittingly to pop culture. Linda looked for inspiration from Johnny Rotten to the Sex Pistols, which explains the rocker themed attire. Although different hues of purple may not be at the peak of most rocker wardrobe, the suit jack, tie and vest seem very fitting.

Heath Ledger’s version of the Joker was clothed in what I would consider a very vintage rocker look, very popular in the Indie Rock scene to date. The suit was put together in a ‘not so put together’ look. Each piece was a clothing work of art in itself, but the vest being my absolute favorite. I could see the likes of Devendra Banhart capatilizing on this look (obviously he would EVENTUALLY take his shirt off during his performance).

If Linda’s intent was to make the Joker more life like, more attainable as human being, not just a sociopath, then I would say the wardrobe definitely aids just that. Its like he wore that suit previous to his psychological demise; he was once a fashion icon amongst those in Gotham City, and now is one of the most fashionable menaces to hit the big screen.

Minus the eventual rugged, tattered and disheveled appearance of the suit mid movie, I would for sure watch any man walk by me similarly dressed and utter to myself, “Now there’s a man with some real style, FINALLY.”

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